The children of today have a wonderful opportunity to create the future. A future that is both exciting and unknown. Practical PD is a professional development company passionate about providing practical professional development in STEM, Digital Technologies, Coding and Robotics, 3D Printing, Creativity, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking to integrate into existing classroom Curriculum. We strive to help teachers prepare their students for the future through interactive, hands-on, informative and highly enjoyable workshops and In-school professional development sessions.


"While all students may not grow up to patent inventions, I believe that being knowledgeable of the technical world we live in, creative beyond the art classroom, and capable of working with tools in a team environment, will help prepare our students for things we can't even imagine." - Chad McGowan  (source U.S.News)


Our highly engaging presenters are high-level educators who understand the education environment and cater to the needs of their audience to enable participants to design unique high order programs to take back to their educational environment to implement immediately. We believe this is an essential pathway to innovation for the students of today and practical professional development designed to meet the needs of teachers.



"This Professional Learning was like a breath of fresh air. The whole session was inspiring and engaging. Being able to participate in a Professional Learning workshop like this, presented by someone with such a diverse background and incredible knowledge was amazing! "
Clare Barnes - Madeley Primary School


"Thanks for the Digital Technologies PD today. The value in developing and sharing resources with like-minded teachers helps to create inspirational and engaging lessons that will build our future generation. A brilliant presentation that will assist in my future planning and implementation. It's an exciting world, yet scary - you help take the fear away with sessions like this! Thank you! "
Claire Slater Upper - Swan Primary School



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