Creator Kids - POWER Day Incursion

Some schools find it difficult to organise two full days to allow their students to work through the 10 Step Entrepreneurial model or to release their teachers to attend the Teachers one day workshop. Therefore we have developed ONE day POWER Day to deliver into Year 5 - 12 classrooms with up to 50 students  and their classroom teacher present to learn the program so they can deliver many times in future.


The students will:

  • Discover and explore their passions.

  • Identify “their world” problems.

  • Create solutions.

  • Design products.

  • Design and code robots with an emphasis on mapping Digital Systems .

  • Practice Computational, Design and System thinking..

  • Collaborate in project based learning.

  • Experience student centred learning.

  • Develop an understanding of basic marketing.

  • Gain experience in presenting their learning to an audience.


The one day incursion culminates with the students presenting a 2-3 minute pitch to demonstarte their concepts and learning to the students and other school staff who wish to attend. The audience will decide the winner of the ‘Creator Kids Cup” based on the criteria the students are required to deliver in their presentation. Maximum 50 students.


  • We can also deliver a FREE 2 hour presentation to the parents on the evening of the incursion to explore the effects of artificial intelligence, new disruptive technologies such as autonomous cars and drones and the new shared economy model sweeping the world. This will give them a sound understanding of why the governments in each state have a focus on STEAM and Digital Technologies to develop problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, deign thinking, computational thinking and system thinking with the students through the Creator Kids program.

This workshop is fast paced having the students stretch their minds to complete high order tasks while having great fun using the tools they will need to understand for their future career success. It is also a wonderful opportunity for teachers to see how to integrate Digital and Design Technologies into any curriculum area within their classroom.

Please email : for more information and a proposal

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