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In-School PD Options


3 -4 hr Group (min 5)

Schools find it cost affordable and get an instant impact by training groups or ALL staff quickly so they are motivated and have the confidence to deliver STEM curriculum with Digital Technologies. We walk staff through the WHY, WHAT, and the HOW of the relevance, tools and strategies for successful and immediate implementation.

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FULL Day In-School (min 10)

This workshop builds upon the 3 - 4 hour session but allows more time for collaboration between staff and planning of lessons and programs to be built around STEM and the Digital Technologies Curriculum. Staff will have the opportunity to build a TERM program that is implemented immediately into their classroom.

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One to One In-School (min 1 to max 4)

Your school may need an individual or small team that needs to be intensively trained to be a mentor to others or get up to speed with successful early adopters in the school. We understand how limited time is for teachers to train other teachers so this is why schools employ us to spend 3 - 4 hours with individuals or small groups to equip them with the skills and confidence to deliver STEM and the Digital Technologies Curriculum. 

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“This Professional Learning was like a breath of fresh air. The whole session was inspiring and engaging.  Being able to participate in a PL like this, presented by someone with such a diverse background and incredible knowledge was amazing! Many thanks for the time you spent with us.”

Clare Barnes

Madeley Primary School

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