AI's clear signal to Humans

Author: Brad Howard   Date Posted:11 April 2018 

I recently watched the documentary called "Do you trust your computer?" Wow, what an eye opener for humanity! This video sends a clear message to us as humans that we must adopt a completely new mindset to be able to survive and flourish iform now into the future. The sooner we make this mindset change the better chance we have. It is clear to me and many others that we as humans have to step up. Our traditional indutsrial style world where the large majority of humans worked as "foot soldiers" meaning they did repetitive process and labouring tasks to deliver products and services to others. What Artficial Intelligence is clearly showing us is that these foot soldier occupations will be obliterated by robots and self learning intelligence within machines. We as humans have absoultely no chance of competing in this realm as the new machine is highly efficient, never gets tired, works 24/7, has no holidays, no sick leave, does not eat and does not sleep. We even see the new machines learning, self improving and increasing the speed of manufacturing, processing and repetition. Many people are professing to introduce a basic salary to pay all citizens in the world to counter much higher levels of unemployment. Thus we can contnue to stimulate spending which currently drives our world. I look at this solution and simply see it is an easy excuse to not have to change our mindset and take a different approach to human advancement. We will simply kiccking the can down the road.

A couple of key differentials between a human and machine learning are problem solving and creativity. Humanities ability to excell in these areas is challenging ourselves to THINK. The easiest (but long term problematic) path for young people to succeed is to be spoonfed information that they can wrote learn and regurgitate at the right time to achieve a grade. This is also easy for educators and parents to see a mark as a point of achievement and the universities to decide who they accept and who they don't. The more difficult path is to encourage young, middle aged and older humans to THINK. To look at the world and explore the problems, then THINK of solutions and then turn these solutions into wonderful opportunities. This is a path that is not easy to assess through awritten test or exam as there may be many solutions to a problem and they may be highly complex. No-one can spoon feed humans to achieve success through this style of learning. This style of learning forces humans to take risk, experience failure, step outside their comfort zone, continually learn and re-skill. Ask most humans to do this and they will put roadblocks in the way saying things such as "I can't", "I dont have the skills", "I am too old", " I was not trained this way". I hear many adults who worked in a particular job or company for many years completing the same task who have been made redundant come on news channels and blame the government, the company who let them go and the boss because it was someone elses responsibility to look after them for life. Well the advancement of machine lerning will not slow down or go away so once again we as humans must adapt and take responsibility.

In a country like Australia with excessively high wages we have left ourselves no option but to change our mindset and understand we have to advance ourselves as humans by engaging fully in Problem Solving, Creativity and Critical Thinking so we have a future job or career opportunity. We have to be high order thinking humans because we simply cannot complete labouring, manufacturing, process driven and repetitive tasks and compete against a very intelligent and efficient machine. Yes this means moving the majority of our current workforce into new high order jobs and careers. The sooner we make this change the better off we will be and also can be a model to all other countries that will follow in years to come.

It is far easier to change 25 million mindsets in Australia than 1.3 billion mindests in a country like China. So let's get started now and take the lead in our world!

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