Creating is Tough!

Author: Brad Howard   Date Posted:26 July 2017 

We are born wired into an environment where it is far easier to destroy than create and easier to be negative than be positive. I learnt this from each of my children before they were walking. I watched them take ages with great frustration build a stack of blocks, yet with delight they knocked down the pile in an instant. We see our news with the huge majority of negative and destructive stories and images and a minority of positive and creative.

Although being creative and positive is the tougher path, it is also the most rewarding. The idols we all adore such as the sports stars, the billionaires, the musicians, the artists, the public speakers etc. did not catch our attention and become hugely successful by taking the destructive negative path. They are the ones that did the huge amount of extra training hours, working hours, major risk taking, exploring, creating, reinventing to get to where they are.

We live in the most privileged, wealthy and free country in the world yet have very little low skilled jobs left due to having to implement so much technology just to be efficient enough to compete in a global world where there are massively cheaper work forces everywhere that will continue to challenge us.

To maintain our very special country and retain our wonderful standard of living we have to work with our young generations to instill in them that they have to be CREATORS no matter how tough this is. With a small and massively spread out population, remoteness to the rest of the world, expensive workforce and 50% of jobs disappearing in the next 10 years, our kids must learn how to think outside the box to create a path for themselves whether as an employee or entrepreneur.

How do we do this?

We use the tools that have allowed us to be the most advanced nation in the world - “Advanced technology”. We as parents and teachers must encourage our children to embrace technology as a “TOOL” and not just a toy for entertainment value. Technology is the tool that takes countries from third world to first world status in a short space of time. Just look at China who are now world leaders in many technologies and have taken most of their population from third world to first world within a decade. This why a love STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) as it these subject areas are the greatest users and benfactors of technology. These now have to become a focus now and into the future for our children.

I see fantastic programs and teachers in schools which are world leading. If you are a parent or educator, take the time to explore these brilliant STEM and Digital Technology environments and impart creativity and positivity upon the children in your world so they will continue to be the leaders of the future.


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