Change is Constant - But Growth is Optional

Author: Brad Howard   Date Posted:23 August 2017 

Change is Constant – But Growth is Optional!



You may have already heard the story of Kodak and the digital camera, if not a will paint a very brief picture.

Kodak were the largest photographic company in the world taking all before them with their film

based cameras and film processing kiosks. They were the first to create the digital camera yet

hold back on progressing into the space as they believed it would dilute the film based business.

Now they are struggling to survive due to film almost obsolete as everyone has gone digital.


This is a classic example of not taking the growth path into the future and trying to hold onto something that will be surpassed. After spending many years in the business world, running state and national companies, owning my own businesses and creating new businesses from nothing, I have come to clearly understand that in business you either grow, change, reinvent OR you die! Even the largest businesses in the world are looking to see how they can reinvent themselves, change what they currently do and build new products so they can continue to grow.


This is the business world but what about as individuals?


I believe individuals are just the same. The world is no longer about going to an Industrial style school where kids sit in rows and learn the same content that prepares them for a particular process or manufacturing job that they will be in for life. We now live in a world where companies who employ staff may only be in existence for 3-5 years, companies that upscale or downscale quickly, companies that are superceded by new disruptor companies. Therefore those who choose to be employees are now faced with very little certainty about where their careers will take them so they must continually be upskilling to suit the needs of the employers – change and grow. Those who choose to be employers also need to develop flexible companies that can upscale or downscale quickly, be continually looking to create an edge on the competition by developing new products, reinventing existing products and upskilling themselves along the way.


The world is also losing empathy for those who choose not to grow as we see with governments continually reducing and clamping down on unemployment benefits and heavily enforcing individuals to upskill.


Practical PD is passionate about helping individuals change and grow through our professional development and professional learning programs as we see the alternative as untenable.

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