Moral Code crucial to our Existence

Author: Brad Howard   Date Posted:9 August 2017 

Moral Code – Crucial to our Existence



Depending on your age, you may recognise the show and characters above. I am nearing 50 and I remember watching The Jetsons cartoon when I was a kid. Back then we imagined taking pills form a jar and heating or watering them to turn into roast dinners and icecream; a robot vacuuming the house, preparing our meals, dressing us, doing all the basic chores; going places in our flying vehicles; living in accommodation up in the clouds or in space.

I now look at our current world and we do have pills that we can take to supplement our diets that can almost sustain us; robots and machines that vacuum, mow the lawn, wash dishes; drones are taking to the air and even accommodating human passengers and cars driving without humans steering; and we have space stations and looking to inhabit other planets. Yes, much of what I saw in the Jetsons TV show is starting to take shape. Did my parents expect this to happen in their lifetime? – No definitely not! Did I expect this to happen in my lifetime? – Maybe some of it. Do the kids of today expect to be living in a Jetsons world sometime in the future? – I know my 12, 10, 8 and 6 year old can’t wait for it to happen and are getting impatient because it hasn’t happened sooner.

The kids of today have an inbuilt understanding that technological advancement is happening very rapidly and generally understand that machine/robots will probably be smarter than them in their lifetime. Here lies a very critical situation humans now find themselves in.

What will the machines of the future think of humans?

I look around the world at many different countries and then look at Australia and the wonderful situation we are now in. Australia has the highest standard of living, the least amount of poverty, a non war-torn country, a very clean environment, a small population, high standard of education for all, little violence, a democracy, a multicultural society, a country that most other nationalities dream of living in, and the greatest access technology. If there was ever a country that has got most aspects of human living right and a very strong moral code, it is Australia.

Thus this brings an amazing opportunity for Australia to lead the world in creating the technology for the future that has a moral code fit to recognise humans have value. Machines need to be programmed and coded to do as humans request thus humans have the ability to design the Artificial Intelligence to place humans at the forefront of world leadership and advancement with the machine designed to assist humans. Therefore when mentoring the kids of today who are creating the machines of tomorrow, we must instil in them the understanding that the imprint they leave in the machine places great value and respect on humans.

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