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Author: Brad Howard   Date Posted:13 January 2017 

Drones, Driverless Cars, 3D printing were just some of the fantastic topics and discussions covered in the In-School Professional Development session I recently presented at St Thomas Primary School in Claremont on their Professional Development day just before Christmas. Ryan ,the Assistant Principal and classroom technologies guru  was the driver behind his staff to exploring and start piecing together the Digital Technologies Curriculum. Ryan implemented the iPad program with students in Year 3 back in 2013 and the program has been a huge success due to his passion and his ability to bring along his colleagues at the school.

When working with Ryan and his colleagues I gained a clear understanding of how complex the Digital Technologies Curriculum is when you first start to piece it together. However, with an open mind and a will to do the best by their students at the school, they worked diligently on mapping out the curriculum so they are ready for programming their lessons in 2017. 

We know not every teacher has the passion and skills of Ryan and his team so we at Practical PD have developed professional development for teachers with a simple process that already maps out the Digital Technologies Curriculum for each year level. This saves teachers hours of time and lets them program each terms lessons quickly, effectively and with a sound knowledge and understanding of the new digital technologies curriculum.

Our “Workshops” and / or “In-School” professional development days have been developed by teachers for teachers to ensure success with the Digital Technologies Curriculum implementation. We lead, transform and support teachers in a way that no other professional development company in the industry does.
Go to /workshops to book into a workshop in your area or register for us to complete an In-School PD at your school.
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