Author: Brad Howard   Date Posted:19 January 2017 

These are the most common questions from teachers when they are presented with the Digital Technologies Curriculum;

  • “Why is this so important?”
  • “Why do I have to fit this into an already jam packed week?”
  • “Why can’t we just get someone into the school to teach the kids this area of the curriculum?”
  • “Why dedicate a large amount of time to an area that my students are already comfortable with as they use mobile phones, computers and tablets?”

You may be an ICT or school leader who has had these questions presented to you or you may be a teacher who identifies with these questions. PracticalPD understands these questions and what drives them so we spend the time to explore the WHY when presenting the Digital Technologies Curriculum in professional development workshops.

Simply look around our world at the major changes in our recent history that have made drastic alterations to our lives;

  • The world wide web has brought instantaneous world news events into our workplace, home, sports field, theatre, park, beach, basically everywhere we can access it through our smart phones, computers and tablets. We are 24/7 practically everywhere!
  • Video is rapidly changing the workplace, air travel, hotels etc due to it being the effective, cost affordable method of meeting work colleagues or clients in other towns, states and countries. Why jump on a 4 hour plane flight from Perth to Sydney for a 2 hour meeting. That means a whole day of travel, jet lag, poor productivity and a great expense when it could have been a face to face Skype meeting.

What about our very near future;

  • Driverless cars will be on the roads within 5 years and changing the way traffic moves, driver habits, office locations, transport systems, flexible work hours, clean versus fossil energy.
  • Drones are now with us and will be more entrenched into daily society in the next couple of years delivering our mail, food, transporting people and keeping watch over us as we work.
  • 3D printing seems old hat already, but it is what they are now printing such as live organisms - skin and ears, building complete liveable houses within a day and into the near future building with materials that may be stronger, lighter, healthier than what is currently the norm. Just think of the jobs that will disappear from many different industries in the near future and the new opportunities that will arise that we haven’t even thought of yet.

These are dramatic changes that are happening at an extremely rapid pace compared to major changes in our past. These changes are driven by the creation and advancement of digital technologies. They have created amazing efficiencies, speed of delivery, accuracy of product and ease of access for the global society. It completely surrounds us in our lives and has become impossible to function without so teachers must embrace and explore to give our students the best opportunities to success.

PracticalPD is compelled to support, transform and help teachers become leaders in the area of Digital Technologies. Our students need to be given the skills, knowledge and understandings of how to find a place for themselves in a world that will be very different in a matter of a few years. Transformational changes that once took decades are now taking only a few years. We have produced professional development workshops to give teachers a fantastic opportunity to make a start with the Digital Technologies Curriculum and develop the confidence to lead their students into the future. Our professional development is thought provoking, challenging, fun and most of all very practical. This is professional development created by teachers for teachers.

Check out our workshops now at www.practicalpd.com.au/workshops or enquire to have us present at your school to your staff at www.practicalpd.com.au/form/school-pd/

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