In-School Classroom Lessons

Suitable for Preprimary – Year 9 Teachers

The philosophy of some schools is to bring into the school environment experts in their field to work with teachers and students to better educate them in curriculum areas. Practical PD has developed a professional development program where our consultant implements 5 lessons on the Digital Technologies Curriculum in the classroom with the students. It is optional whether the teacher is present in the classroom as our consultant is a qualified and registered teacher. This presents a great opportunity for a whole school approach to implementing the Digital Curriculum knowledge and understandings and processes and production skills through an outsource model.   Our educator implements 5 one hour lessons to explore the WHYs?, WHATs? and HOWs? of the Digital Technologies Curriculum specifically customised to the school’s needs and wants in a fun, engaging, structured and collaborative environment.

We explore the physical technologies around programming and coding individualised to suit the year level and subject area of the students’ needs. These collaborative lessons allow the students to learn from each other and share their experiences so the whole class can benefit from the learning.

The Digital Technologies Curriculum lessons are structured around the:

  • Motivator (Why?)
  • Tools (What?)
  • Demonstration/Play/Explore (What?)
  • Problem identification and resolution (How?)
  • Presentation of ideas and technologies  (How?)

Practical PD will work with one class for the 5 lessons that can be completed in one week or over a maximum 5 week period. Schools may also book the Practical PD consultant to complete the lessons for multiple classes during a 5 week period which will be more cost effective for the school. We recommended that school leaders meet with us to discuss the needs of their staff and students so we can customise the content and structure of the InClass Lessons. School leaders register their interest with preferred dates and times to meet and we will respond promptly to confirm our meeting attendance at their school.


Maximum 30 students per lesson.

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