In-School Full Day Workshop

Suitable for Preprimary – Year 9 Teachers

Many schools make use of their Professional Development days to engage specialist professional development companies like Practical PD into the school to work with a group of teachers or all staff to implement the “Digital Technologies Curriculum”. This presents a great opportunity for a whole school approach to implementing the Digital Curriculum knowledge and understandings and processes and production skills into a practical workshop focusing on the STEM / STEAM subjects across multiple year levels for immediate success. Our teacher trained consultant explores the WHYs?, WHATs? and HOWs? specifically customised to the school’s needs and wants in 3 sessions.


Session 1:              WHY?

Without a sound understanding of WHY the Digital Technologies Curriculum is so important for all teachers to incorporate into their classroom, teachers will struggle to have the confidence to deliver great outcomes. Practical PD spends this session exploring the relevance and importance in a collaborative, high participation and supportive environment. We look at the technologies that are rapidly changing every aspect of how we work, play and socialise. Through this exploration exercise the teachers gain invaluable knowledge and confidence to assist them to develop their students connections as to the WHY.


Session 2:              WHAT?

The Digital Technologies Curriculum provided to teachers can sometimes be overwhelming and complex when trying to establish an approach to meet the required objectives. In this session we explore the physical technologies around programming and coding which teachers can individualise and customise to suit the year level and subject area of the students’ needs. This collaborative session allows teachers to learn from other participants and share their experiences so the whole group can benefit and develop a specific program suitable for their students. An opportunity to play with coding and programming technologies while discussing and sharing with others builds great confidence while having fun.


Session 3:              HOW?

The final session requires teachers to use the knowledge and understands they have gained in the first two sessions to construct 8 lessons to take back to their school and implement immediately into their classroom.  Teachers must instil in their students a need to grasp problem solving and computational thinking, they need to look at a problem in way that computer technology can help them solve it. Teachers need to know how to apply this to the context of their school and we help teachers recognise how to deliver the curriculum in their school. The lessons are structured around the:

  • Motivator (Why?)
  • Tools (What?)
  • Demonstration/Play/Explore (What?)
  • Problem identification and resolution (How?)
  • Presentation of ideas and technologies  (How?)


Practical PD understands the importance of providing professional development that can have an immediate effect on student learning. Our consultant will work closely with teachers during this session to ensure teachers have strategies and great confidence to ensure success when they get back to their school.


We recommended that school leaders meet with us to discuss the needs of their staff so we can customise the content and structure of the professional development day. School leaders simply register their interest with preferred dates and times to meet and we will respond promptly to confirm our meeting attendance at their school.

Schools may even join with another school close by to run the workshop for a greater number of staff and cost savings.


All participants need to bring is a smart phone or tablet device and an open mind.

8:30am – 3:30pm

Minimum 10 people to a Maximum 25 people


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