STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - MBOT Year 4

mBot Year 4 / 5

"As the Crow Flies"


Lesson 1 - introducing maps, scale and legend, introduce terminology :"as the crow flies", directional language and the compass

Lesson 2 - drawing a simple map - by hand or computer assisted must include the features of the map

Lesson 3 - research, plan and measure own route to school - as the crow flies, public transport, own transport - quickest route

Lesson 4 - create a map of your route to school with simple directions compare to google maps directions (mud map)

Extension - more detailed maps - 3D / road / legends / rail

Lesson 5 - program robot using home to school route, calculate time taken - lapse time / convert to 24hour time, find the shortest route / problems to solve - pick up a friend to take , forgotten lunch need to return home, books at city library (using previous experience with blockly)

open tasks to challenge - road works, need to reroute; accident on the road, need to get an ambulance; one school car park is being redeveloped - use other car park; road surface; have 40 minutes to get to a point for an excursion from the school - where are you going to go? Emergency in the Swan Valley - quick route for emergency vehicles in / safest route for people to get out / where to set up safest place in a bush fire / during flooding / look at school map - school has tripled in size - car parking issues, building of new car park or car pooling.

Lesson 6 - testing

Lesson 7 - presenting

Lesson 8 - evaluating, creating a new problem for others to test.