STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - BEE BOT Year 1

BeeBot Year 1

Lesson 1

Relevance - transport system to school . How many kids need the bus to pick them up?

Motivation  - problem solving

How can we program Bee not to pick kids that catch the bus

Activity- create class survey and present to class Create Pictograph


Lesson 2

Activity - using outdoor grid system eg: basketball court in pairs, students give commands to partner to reach a target.

Whole class with map on the floor bus task


Lesson 3

Introducing the code -  spaces forward, turn, start / end Kids create sequence using pre made arrows , kids draw arrows Teacher models different sequences


Lesson 4

Whole class bus route task

Kids to be picked up

In groups routes are programmed and measured Compared and measured


Lesson 5

Kids create pathways through courses in class Teacher created courses and children created to extend high performers Evaluate kids verbally through questions on how they solved problems Video each pairs course navigation


Evaluate on evaluation table