STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - EDISON ROBOT Year 5

Digital Technologies Lesson Plan                                                        Year 5

Background: In Carnarvon there isn’t always a surgeon or qualified staff to assist in emergencies, so sometimes you need to be flown out by the Royal Flying Doctors to be transport to Perth. Students are to create a map for a driverless vehicle (ambulance) to transport the patient from the hospital to the airport. Path: Depot to Hospital to Airport and back.

Tool: Edison Robot


  1. Watching a video of the Mercedes driver less car 

Discussion – Padlet interactive conversation with peers

  1. Show students how the Edison Robots work. Have students experiment with them and use the website to create a path. Add problems for students to complete after experiment e.g. how to get from A to B.
  2. On Edblocksapp measure the angles for each second of turn various speeds and record – Problem: guess speed and second turns required for various intersections in town and then measure.
  3. Introduce the problem – See background information. Provide a map -Students begin their planning/coding for transport from the Depot to Hospital at this stage. Extension – Converting codes to realistic scales
  4. Test running track – Debugging and fix any issues (Depot to Hospital)
  5. Planning/coding of transport from the Hospital to Airport.
  6. Test running track – Debugging and fix any issues (Hospital to Airport). Also test the whole track.
  7. Final test drive vehicle from depot - hospital -airport and back.  


Assessment: Peer evaluation