STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - SPHERO 3-7


To program a spirero to deliver a message to each classroom in the school.


Learning Intention

I will be able to use digital technology to create a coded program


Success Criteria

Code a program

Work as a team

Deliver notes to six classes in a unit

Peer assessment

Recording information


Year Levels 3-7

Lesson 1

Introduce the Spirero and allow them some time to explore it. Then each class do human coding games and paper based coding to become familiar with coding instructions.


Lesson 2

Problem Solving – introduce the problem of using the Spirero to deliver messages to each class in the school. Grouping in no more than groups of 3-4 and then brainstorm. At the end of the lesson share as a class group and then the class decides which program they will choose to create


Lesson 3

As a class discuss the safety issues using the technology and what the parameters are. Then design a route for it to travel. Start plotting a coded pattern for the spirero to travel. Students

record on paper.


Lesson 4

See if you can get the spirero to successfully go into one classroom. Evaluate and make necessary changes. Extension is to the get it to go into 2 classrooms. Record on video the Spirero moving so that it can be reflected upon afterwards.


Lesson 5

All classrooms in one block or unit are visited by the Spirero and the device returns to a safe point. Reflect and make changes if required. Record on video the Spirero moving so that it can be reflected upon afterwards.


Lesson 6

The same as lesson 5


Lesson 7

Introduce the problem of using the chariot and notes. Brainstorm what needs to be considered for success. See if original program still works with the addition of the chariot. If not troubleshot why and how the class can make it work!


Lesson 8

All classes get together and watch each class present their program and as peers assess and vote which Spirero was the better program. Have a rubric for the classes to use as a guide for

the best and safest delivery route.