STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - BEE BOT Preprimary / Year 1

Bee-Bot Pre-Primary & Year 1


  1. Tool- Bee Bot
  2. Cross- curricular or subject approach


  1. Build Lessons:


Maths- find the number, number line, shapes

              Place value: 1's 10's

             Spatial Awareness

              Mapping- positional language

             Problem solve- get jelly beans around the city

             Patterns- loop through coding steps

             Time- how long does it take

             Measuring- how many times do I need to push forward to get so far

             Subtilizing- dice and bee bot mat

             Addition and subtraction bee mat

              Money bee mat


Literacy- find the sound

                 Writing: Bee moves along picture cues for recount/ write a story about a bee

                                Procedure writing (steps link between cooking steps and bee bot coding steps)


                 Reading: story map to retell

                 Guided Reading:           

                 Speaking & Listening: Listen and move partner Games

                 Retell- for how to videos


HASS- Mapping country

            Video Bee moving over family tree


Social- collaboration/ sharing/ turn-taking


Health- Resilience

              Safety- how to keep bee safe/ crossing the road/ stranger danger    


Science- Push & Pull- what materials are best to move on

              Weather in my world- what would the Bee Bot need to wear in different weather

             Minibeasts/ Living things- bees. 

              Materials- sort/find What materials is the be made of, build a home for your bee bot


Bee Bot- app



  1. Reporting Rubric:

















Working Towards


Very Low


Not yet demonstrated


Record (write) 5 step instruction.

Create 5 step instruction

Follow 5 step instructions


Follow less than 5 step instruction

Unable to follow instructions

Year One:

Verbally give instruction to another peer

Write and create 5-10 step instruction

Write and follow 5-10 step Bee-Bot instructions


Follow 5 step instruction

Does not demonstrate understanding