STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - BEE BOT Preprimary - Year 2

R-2 Bee-bots

Monster Trucks Are Coming Our Way and we need to design a Bonza Track for the best tricks and stunts ever seen!!!-

Integrated through Science, Mathematics, Digital Technology, Visual Arts, English, Design Technology



  1. In pairs, students choose who will be a robot and who is the controller. Take turns in the each role by giving simple instructions. One instruction at a time and then build up to 5. Prompt students with language (direction, distance, time, steps, length, left, right, degrees). Possible word wall with the metalanguage.
  2. Play with beebots to familiarise themselves with components.  (on, off, clear, start, go, symbols, safety and care)
  3. Include obstacles (eg blocks, boxes, cardboard) and continue to experiment with play.
  4. In pairs students experiment with writing codes. One student records the code and the other has to program the beebot.
  5. Mapping and gridding activity eg battleship type activity or start at one point and move to another point the backgrounds can be of students’ interest. (google Earth map of school, surrounding suburb etc. Masking tape or chalk on carpet, big pieces of paper.
  6. Students need to design a monster truck or moving creature/character/object on a piece of paper.
  7. Students make their design shell to go over the beebot.
  8. Students then create a track or obstacle for their beebot creation to complete a task.


Bus pick up: picking up children from around town. Efficiency

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