STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - BEE BOT Year 1/2/3

Bee Bots

Early Years - R-2

'Design a nature play area and pathways to navigate surrounding area within our school' - to link in with current plans for "Nature Play" area, works to commence in 2018

pre assessment questions

what can be found in a playground? What are things that are ggreat to play with outside

how can we use our imagination in play?

- What makes a good nature play area?  what could it include?Why do we need oneHow can it be used?

Lesson 1

Exursion to Morialta Nature Play Park and then Thorndon Park Reserve

*Use iPads to take photos

Lesson 2

Compare both play areas - Looks, feels, sounds like..What is nature play? Looks, feels, sounds like..

Natural/ contructed/ man made

Lesson 3

What would you like to see in a nature play area?

Lesson 4 and 5

Design/Map out a nature play area -use Sketch Up. Use Bee Bots to code your pathways on your map - Discuss location of areas and paths

*Design an area/object for the nature play area design - 3D printer

Lesson 6

- Test pathways in designs using Bee Bots

Lesson 7

- Evaluate and modify the designs - are pathways safe and effective to reach all parts of area?


Lesson 8

- Present and reflect on designs

- small worlds display - make a craft/art display that reflects the area of the nature play area with vegetation and students make one item for the nature play area - eg flower, tree, mushroom, minibeast (Makers Empire and 3D printer)