STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - BEE BOT Year 1/2

Tool: Bee-Bot
Year: 1/2
Learning area integration English  (talk for writing)
Beginning middle/problem and end

Lesson 1 Navigating Bee-Bot through class story map
imitate the original story using whole classroom story mat/map
All students have mat and BeeBot between two to follow the original story.

Lesson 2 innovating character choose character, change character and design Bee-Bot

Lesson 3 innovating setting, creating mat, drawing, design story map (beginning)
building the setting out of recycled materials

Lesson 4 illustrate problem on story map
getting from setting to problem, keep problem the same design

Lesson 5 illustrate solution on story map

Lesson 6 design/record Bee-Bot path from beginning middle/problem,

Lesson 7 design/record Bee-Bot path from beginning problem to solution

Lesson 8 telling their own innovated text orally and more Bee-Bot between parts of the story as they go. Move one section at a time and tell story orally.