STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - BEE BOT Year 1/2

STEM Unit Year 1/2 Subject – Maths /Design/technology

BeeBot    Task - Design a path around a park 


Warm up before Lesson 1 and other lessons as required– Simon Says using directional commands.

Lesson 1 – Human robot – communicating precise verbal instructions - Stand in front of a chair and partner describes how other person moves to sit down.

Lesson 2 – Experimenting with BeeBot.

Lesson 3 Experimenting with BeeBot, Mat and co-ordinates.

Lesson 4 – Explore with the BeeBot games online.

Lesson 5 – Make a maze that the BeeBot has to move through, with a specified beginning and end point.  Use materials such as straws, blocks, popsticks etc. Teacher to challenge children as required.

Lesson 6 – Write instructions for a character to go from one point to another using blank grids. One child has the blank grid and partner to orally give instructions to follow the path.

Lesson 7 -  Using a blank grid the same size as the BeeBot Mat, design your own park with a path to go through the park.  

Lesson 8 – Give your BeeBot specific instructions to visit each landmark in the park.