STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - BEEBOT Year 1

Stage1 STEM Activity

Prior Knowledge

Students have been learning about their geographical location in relation to other places and their local community (Stage 1 - Geography)

Lesson 1

Intro to coding

Students are in pairs

One student is blindfolded and is the ‘robot’

Other student is the ‘programmer’and must instruct their partner through an obstacle course set by teacher

Reinforce the importance of positional language/directions (link to mathematics and geography)


Lesson 2

Give students 20 mins to explore with the beebots

Discuss findings


Lesson 3

Students are giving a large coordinates grid

Teacher tells students to get from ‘A to B’ → students program beebots to reach given destination

Explore and discuss the different ways students achieve this


Lesson 4

Explain to student that the will be creating a 3D m

odel of the area around our school. Students design a plan of their area using grid paper



Plans must include

The school

Local shops


Extension: Students could include a scale in their



Lesson 5


 - Student construct their 3D model.

They could use:





Lesson 6

Students devise a scenario that requires them to travel to places through the town


Sophia needs to school, however she must stop at Coles to buy her lunch. She lives at ______. Can you help her on this journey?


Lesson 7

Students test their scenario by coding their beebots.


Lesson 8

Students swap scenarios with another group. They mu

st code their beebots to solve the problem stated in their

class-mates scenarios