STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - BEEBOT Year 1

Stage 1 STEM Activity

Prior Knowledge

  • Students have been learning about their geographical location in relation to other places and their local community (Stage 1 - Geography)


Lesson 1

  • Intro to coding
  • Students are in pairs
  • One student is blindfolded and is the ‘robot’
  • Other student is the ‘programmer’ and must instruct their partner through an obstacle course set by teacher
  • Reinforce the importance of positional language/directions (link to mathematics and geography)


Lesson 2

  • Give students 20 mins to explore with the beebots
  • Discuss findings


Lesson 3

  • Students are giving a large coordinates grid
  • Teacher tells students to get from ‘A to B’ → students program beebots to reach given destination
  • Explore and discuss the different ways students achieve this


Lesson 4

  • Explain to student that the will be creating a 3D model of the area around our school
  • Students design a plan of their area using grid paper
  • Plans must include
    • The school
    • Local shops
    • Houses
  • Extension: Students could include a scale in their map (mathematics)


Lesson 5

  • Engineering - Student construct their 3D model.
  • They could use:
    • Lego
    • Paper/cardboard
    • Tissue

Lesson 6

  • Students devise a scenario that requires them to travel to places through the town
  • E.g. Sophia needs to school, however she must stop at Coles to buy her lunch. She lives at ______. Can you help her on this journey?


Lesson 7

  • Students test their scenario by coding their beebots.


Lesson 8

  • Students swap scenarios with another group. They must code their beebots to solve the problem stated in their class-mates scenario.