STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - BEE BOT Year 1

Bee Bots – Foundation 

  • Maths:

Describe position and movement 


  • interpreting the everyday language of location and direction, such as ‘between’, ‘near’, ‘next to’, ‘forward’, ‘toward’ 
  • following and giving simple directions to guide a friend around an obstacle path and vice versa.


  • Take turns & work with a partner/ group of 3
  • Technologies:

Use materials, components, tools, equipment and techniques to safely make designed solutions



Positional Language – Forward, Back, Left, Right

Activities – Hokey Pokey

Listening to drawing instructions

“Coding” your partner to get them to move to a designated spot. 




Explore Bee Bots and the Bee Bot ipad app with a partner. 



Code the Bee Bots to from one location to another, using the grid mats. 




Move Bee Bots around the classroom space, using different materials.

What can it move on? Get the Bee Bot to move around various obstacles etc.




Students make a trailer that the Bee Bot can pull. This could be made from duplolegomobilo, box etc. 




Construct a Bee Bot home using different materials, ensure that the Bee Bot will fit inside the home, enter, exit and turn around.  




Create a Bee Bot town using the constructed homes. Students then code their Bee Bots to move around the town and visit each other. 


Bee Bots pull their trailer around the town, collecting items from each home. Eg. Letter from the post office, parcel. 




Students make a map of the town, and give instructions on how to navigate. Students could film/ voice record their instructions to give to their partner.