STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - BEE BOT Year 1

Blank BeeBot 10 x 10 Grid

Lesson One/Two:

Children working in pairs discover how “Bee bot” work through trial and error

Once discovered children draw Bee bot. Using arrows write description of what each button represents.

Write a simple code for Bee bot

Test Code

Draw procedure of movements of given code with explicit instructions

Give code to another pair and flip card to see if end position is matching


Lesson Three:

Refresh children’s knowledge of perimeter and polygons

Children work out how they would say a Bee bot cover the perimeter as one side of the Bee bot will be the perimeter


Lesson Four:

Create codes for irregular polygons, Eg. Create a code for an irregular polygon with a perimeter of 30. Test your code. How many different codes can you create that the Bee bot travels around 30 units.


Lesson Five

Share findings with the class


Lesson Six - Eight: Area: 

Repeat all lessons with area in mind