STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - BEE BOT Year K/PP

Programme for K/p

1 lesson one - positional language movement for children whole class give each other some directions partner / directions follow with partner giving directions
2. lesson 2 - introduction of bee bot brainstorm what could it be / uses and function guessing / children's ideas
3. Experimentation split into two groups children can experiment and predict uses and possible function "having a go"
4 Set a problem how can we code the bee bot to make it move from starting point be an explorer see how u can make it move teacher directed
5. Work with a partner to direct the bee bot in any combination 
6. playground design children to explore playground design go for a walk in playground
7 Brainstorm and design own playground work with a partner map out route to two items that you design or further to different pieces of equipment
8. Use and code bee bot to move on your playground to pieces of equipment may take longer than eight lessons