STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - BEEBOT Year 1/2

Bee-bots         2018  

A …. Follow Bee-bots app on the ipad. App needs to be down loaded to complete Levels 1,  and 2.  Record results for each child. 

Skills--  direction, sequencing, 90 degree turn, moving from A to B, forwards/backwards using a specific path.


B…….  STUDENTS program Bee-bots to travel around a given shape. Brown butcher paper can be used.  Video sequence to share with the class.   Students learn to use 90 degrees,turn left and right, use symbols in a seq order

C…….     Introduction … draw a treasure map with specific items in various cells. Each cell needs to be 15cm squared.   Students learn how to use co-ordinates and record positions.  Bee-bots need to be sequenced to find items on the grid(6x4). Whole class activity

Grid XY    each cell needs to be 15cm apart.         6 x 4


























Other examples include:

Each sheet can be a different learning theme.  

Students connect 2 numbers to make a rainbow number. Students  record steps.

Animal groups.     Students select 2 animals from one animal group.  Co-ordinates and the 2 animals with their animal group(ie mammals, birds, spiders, reptiles )

Match antonyms together eg.   on/off,  yes/no, cold/hot,   Students record co-ordinates and the 2 words that match.

Synonyms…. Match 2 words     Repeat idea 

D……   Teacher(IT assitant) provides a sequence in code to follow through with one or two mistakes in the sequence .  Sequence can be tested by students with the Bee-bots.

What went well? What did you notice?

 What changes do we need to improve the pathway?

E……   Children create own sequence. Record steps.

Students can test each other.

Do I need to change a sequence in my coding?  Please explain

F…  Ski game     Going through the flags. Bee-bots must pass flags from starting point and complete circuit. Circuits are designed by students.     Video  event.

Record trials ( ie 1 , 2 or 3) to show improvements in coding. Why were changes made? Please explain