STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - BEEBOT Year 1

STEM Activity Plan

Reception & Year 1


Relevance: Sustainability/Water Collection System/Local Area


Curriculum: Science (Earth & Space Sciences), Mathematics (Measurement & Geometry:  Location & Transformation, Technologies (Design & Digital Technologies)


Aim: BeeBots become a water collection service




1.    Excursion to view constructed water source (wetland)

2.    Birdseye view of the wetland on grid (using BeeBots)

3.    Brainstorm problem : water shortage

4.    Creating water sources around the school (for native wildlife – birds)

5.    Design a grid of the school to locate the water sources and measure how much water

6.    Design a trailer or tank to carry water to and from water sources (Using BeeBot as mode of transportation)

7.    Look at weather patterns from the past and in advance to determine best water collection times

8.    Design a larger collection point to disperse to water sources in need of water