STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - CODEBUG Year 4/5

Lesson planning Practical PD STEM Digital Technologies Makerspaces


Mode of Technology: CodeBug

Year Level: 4/5

Focus: Measuring temperature

Curriculum area: Maths: chance and data/ digital technology/ measurement and geometry/ HASS/ Sustainability/ coding - scratch


Lesson 1: Introduction to circuits


Lesson 2: Introduce code bug and uses


Lesson 3: Explain to students how we will use codebug to monitor and collect various temp. data

 Problem: how to we monitor and regulate the various room temps?


Lesson 4: Introduce blockly


Lesson 5: How will code bug help to solve this problem? Record this.


Lesson 6: Document problem, progress and predict the resolution


Lesson 7: Coding Codebug using blockly to function as a temp. gauge


Lesson 8: Using the codebug share your findings/ struggles with a partner / work on blockly


Lesson 9: Continue to collect/ process data


Lesson 10: Share your findings with peers and let them test your theory


Lesson 11: Reflection what was successful? What was a challenge? How did codebug support you?