STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - CODEBUG Year 4

Wearable tech: Codebug


Year: 4

Time: 8x 1 hour lessons

Unit goal: Students to be able to use Blockly to make a sequence to use codebug to create name badges for the visitors of the school. Have a basic understanding of how a circuit works.


Lesson 1.

  • Introduction to circuits using electronic kits in government funded resource kit.
  • What is a series circuit, show an example and use of switch.
  • Switches, how circuits actually work and series circuit.
  • Use paper circuits to create a series circuit with switch.


Lesson 2.

  • Introduce codebug and what they are going to use it for: they will create a decorative badge for visitors to wear as a name badge. You will need to create a simple follow to guide for the admin to adhere to program names.
  • Brainstorming. What do they actually want it to show. How will we program this. Create plans . How to make it appealing. You will need to plug it in still, needs to look nice, needs to have access to buttons, how to attach to shirt. The whole design process.


Lesson 3.

  • explore and play around with Blockly app. Mini tasks on and write notes to remember steps and how to teach admin. Create a manual?


Lesson 4.

  • explore and play around with Blockly app. Mini tasks on . Have completed design for badge that students will hand into teacher. Budget?


Lesson 5.

  • collect materials from teacher and create badge. Functional?


Lesson 6.

  • Programming badges with Blockly.


Lesson 7.

  • Programming badges with Blockly.


Lesson 8.

  • See how they work. Have other students test out manual and badges. Trial and error. Fix where necessary.