STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - CODEBUG Year 5/6

STEM Lesson plans 1-8 yr 5-6

Lesson 1

  1. Open ended question “What technologies will make you or our world better?”
  2. Explosion diagram/think pair share
  3. View the AI race stem video and Sophia awakens
  4. Three columns under technology title – positives and negatives of Drones, Autonomous Cars and Tablets, Mobile phones (round robin)

Lesson 2 

  1. Supply and demand business models – Amazon and Harvey Norman modelsStudents may want to draw a flow diagram.
  2. Real world problem Shopping trolley that follows you, Paper delivery from office, Ice packs to and from office, luggage that walks itself or Amazon warehouse model.

Lesson 3

  1. Discuss what is coding? Relevance and application, examples other than games.
  2. Discuss what an algorithm is and the language used when coding
  3. Demonstrate with the students by doing an unplugged activity.

Lesson 4

  1. Refer to and the popular coding types e.g. Python. Explain how this makes coding difficult. Solution---- skins refer to video and web site scratch.
  2. Introduce and demonstrate and how to code using skins. Set up class lists.

Lesson 5-8

  1. Students brainstorm real world problems…. Explain they will be given an Edison robot to be engineered to solve this problem. They will be judged by their peers across four criteria (quality of product, usefulness, creativity, user friendly).
  2. Working in groups with appropriate resources provided they will come up with an answer. 

Classes present their findings to class