STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - DRONE Year 4/5/6/7

Unit Goal: 

*Students to be able to get a feel for the drone by putting it through a series of manoeuvrers. 

*To research and present briefly about; history of the drone, safety, ethical issues, technology behind it, laws/rules about the use of drones in our society at present.

*To see the wider purposeful application for the drone in our everyday living now and beyond. Work in small groups to come up with a challenge/problem and how to solve it, using the drone (to demonstrate). In can include a Maths, Science or Technology perspective.

*To be able to pair the drone with a device (tablet, iPhone) and control its movements.


Lesson 1.

To view two clips about the drone to get discussion being generated. – Pizza delivery - Man on drone brings in Soccer Ball to a match

Discuss insights, applications, problem, anything found interesting and surprising for further follow up later. Record comments for later reference.

Lesson 2.

Have a turn of being a controller and try and perform the following;

*Fly up, down and land the drone.

*Do a flip 360 degrees.

*Complete a full turn, fly back down and land.

*Flying in a square, zig zag pattern

Lesson 3.

In pairs or a small group research and present in an interesting way;

*ethical issues about its use

*safety considerations

*history/technology- how it works?

*coding/pairing drone with a device-steps, how to?

Lesson 4.

A couple of lessons on coding and language used by computers/robots or the drone.

Lessons 5 – 7

Work in their groups to come up with a challenge/ task in which to use the drone to solve the problem- to demonstrate to the group/class.

Need to work to a few restrictions;

*flying time is 8mins

*must use some aspect of Maths, Science and Technology ibn their presentation/ demonstration- like use of directional language, some aspect of lifting and dropping, how can it be applied in the real world.

Lesson 8

After demonstrations/ discussions, finish off by showing the students the following image / discuss.