STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - DRONE Year 5/6

Black Swan Population: Redesign the Running Track around Albert Park Lake

Grade 5/6


Lesson 1 – What can we do with a drone?

  • how to use the drone
  • why to use the drone
  • what can we do with it
  • legal responsibility

Curriculum: Critical Thinking, Creativity

Lesson 2 – Reading Maps

  • students compare different maps (both digital and paper)
  • students work collaboratively to list observations: what is needed on a map (scale, compass, grid points, bird’s eye view)
  • students answer the following questions:
  1. Why do we use maps?
  2. What makes a good map?
  3. Who uses maps?

Curriculum: Geography Geographical Skills

Lesson 3 – Excursion: Walking the Track

  • Students walk around the running track of Albert Park Lake
  • Students use equipment to make recordings, notations, photos…whatever needed to reconstruct/draw a map of Albert Park Lake
  • Equipment available:

*      trundle wheels, iPads, notepads, drones

  • Identify living creatures within the habitat, habitat requirements

Curriculum: Maths and Geography

Lesson 4, 5, 6 – Map Construction

  • Using all of the information that students have, they now in their group create their map of Albert Park Lake
  • Map must show all natural features, including nesting sites of the Black Swan
  • All cartographical features must be displayed

Curriculum: Maths

Lesson 7 – Creating Proposal (Alternative Running Track Design)

  • Students write a proposal to persuade local government that their alternative running track will better suit not only the Black Swan population of Albert Park Lake, but also too, the visitors the Park attracts

Curriculum: English Writing, Communication

Lesson 8 – Presenting

  • Each group presents their proposal

Curriculum: English Speaking and Listening, Communication