STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - DRONE Year 6

Social Skills Year 6 SN students


1.    Relevance

2.    Motivation

3.    Problem solving

4.    Transformation



Relevance – Social skills Whilst on Camp - Being involved in the group activities – not needing coaching 


Motivation- Being part of the group, joining in, being ok without parents


Problem Solving –


Lesson 1

Directional language

Fine motor skills

Communication in a group (working together, turn taking, all contributing)


Lesson 2

Intro drone

Problem solving approach

How it works (blue tooth technology), using phone/ipad and giving directions to drone

Following instructions


Lesson 3

Adding to the drone as a recoding device eg Go Pro

Recording kids in group situations - analyse


Lesson 4

Individuals practising the Joining In skills – recoded team members



Lesson 5

Modelling emotions

Modelling responses to others

Modelling Body language


Lesson 6

Practice emotions

Practice responses to others

Body language


Lesson 7

Practice camp situations – Boat, bus, meal times


Lesson 8

Drone on camp. Record students on camp. Assess their social skills according to their camp interactions.