STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - DRONE Year 9/10

Tool: Drone

Cross-Disciplinary Studies

Year 9/10


Lesson 1/2:

Brainstorm what some of the aspects of the school are that would be appealing to those outside, eg. What are the selling points, key features of the campus. Eg. Science labs, ovals,

Small groups then make a decision about which feature they want to work with. Groups will then begin the process of creating their own small segments of what is to be an overall video selling their school.

Lesson 3: English/ Marketing

Teacher goes through different video genres, i.e. what type of language is most applicable for these videos. Look through exemplars and use this as a basis for their own videos. Brainstorm marketing strategies for video, what are the key features you are looking to sell? Who is your target market? How are you reaching them?

Lesson 4: Science/IT

Students learn how to utilise the technology, creating the drone from scratch, so it is able to be used for the video. Discussion around requirements of the drone given the circumstances that will arise when conducting video. i.e. outside, inside etc. Brainstorm other technology that may be used in order to complete the activity. Eg. Go-Pros, phones

Lesson 5: Record/use the drone in order to record the area that they are discussing as part of the ‘sell your school’ video. Review your recordings, what was effective, what could be done better.

Lesson 6/7: Split your group into 2. One half of your group works on creating a voiceover/narrator for the video, whilst the other half of the group edit the video and put it together.

Lesson 8: Present the entire video to a leadership member/s, and get each small group of students to explain their method for their specific section of the overall video.

Potential extension: Put the small videos together and make one larger video that can actually be used as part of the school’s marketing campaign.


Other concepts:
English – making a movie trailer
Science – speed, distance time
Maths – budgeting
IT – Presenting the videos taken from cameras, final presentation
Ag – determining environmental factors
Geography – surveying an area, for different aspects, GPS mapping etc.
Business – Marketing – ‘sell your suburb’ or ‘sell the school’ ‘virtual tour video’
Create an advertisement for your school, promoting
Build a drone- design and tech, 3D print propellers, attachment points for cameras


What are the characteristics of the suburb?
History- what happened in each area when flying over.