STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - DRONES Year 7/8

Drones and Edison Robots Years 7 and 8


Big Picture

Accessing water pipes for vulnerabilities to potentially avoid burst pipes and water wastage.



Geography, Digital Technologies




  1. Investigation
    1. How does society waste water?
    2. Where does our drinking water come from?
    3. How does it get to our houses?
    4. What are the water pipes made of?
    5. What causes our water pipes to burst?
    6. What are the consequences of the burst water pipes?
  2. Mapping
    1. Where water breaks have occurred in SA and why.
    2. Is there a pattern?
    3. Does geography play a part in this issue?
  3. Problem Solving
    1. Ask students who has personal experience of burst water pipes? Ie water disruptions, stuck in traffic, road blocked, flooding, smell, no water etc.
    2. Ask students who would like to go down into the man hole to assess the situation?
    3. How are the burst pipes fixed?
    4. Is there a better way of assessing the break and fixing it without all the disruption?
  4. Drones
    1. How the drones work.
    2. How you control them.
    3. Features of a drone ie camera, wireless data transmission or data storage.
  5. Edison Robot
    1. Play with the robot to see how it operates
  6. Compare and Contrast Drones and Edison Robot
    1. Pro’s and Con’s of both.
    2. Class vote to decide which is best to use: Drone or Edison
  7. Preparing for the Experiment
    1. Split class into small groups.
    2. Build a model of a water pipe specific to the geographical location where most burst occur.
  8. Experiment
    1. Using the chosen technology do the following:

i.Go into the pipe system.

ii.Take images of the structure.

iii.Retrieve the images.

iv.Identify faults in the pipe.

v.Fix the faults.


Wild Ideas

Loss of jobs?

New industries?

3D modelling – sketch-up/AutoCAD/Blender

Measurement of shapes – area/perimeter

Promotional DVD video to give to local council or SA Water

How does R2D2 work? What sensors and programming would he need?