STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - Edison 8/9

Edison for Technology Mandatory – Playground Cleanup Robot


Lesson 1: Define the Problem – After recess or lunch


Which areas of the playground are the dirtiest?

What kind of rubbish is out there?

Measure / weigh the rubbish

What type of materials are there? Plastics / recycling / paper?


Lesson 2: Measure the playground


Find out the locations of the walls / doors.

Locate identified obstacles.

Measure angels of surfaces.

Determine texture of surfaces.


Lesson 3: Program a path around the classroom


Weave between chairs.

Drop a piece of rubbish on the ground in the classroom and see if the robot acknowledges the rubbish


Lesson 4: Program the path around the playground


Build / test the basic Edison robot

Test the program, running around the playground


Lesson 5: Design the mechanism for picking up the rubbish


Sketch possible design solutions

Evaluate designs


Lesson 6: Design a vessel to store the rubbish


Sketch possible design solutions

Use different materials to determine what the Edison can actually pull around.


Test the mechanism to pick up one piece of rubbish and put it into the vessel.






Lesson 7:


Build the mechanism for picking up the rubbish


Build the mechanism and test it to pick up a single piece of rubbish



Lesson 8: Test the final design solution


Take the Edison into the playground and pick up rubbish

What is going to happen to the rubbish now? Recycling / reusing / sustainability.