STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - EDISON ROBOT Year 2/3

Edison_ Year 2/3


Goal: To design a rescue mission in a high fire risk area.


Criteria: To include a set number of obstacles and complete the rescue in a set time limit.


Lesson 1

Guest speaker to set the scene talking about a real life situation in the community of Bakers Hill, where properties and lives have been endangered by bushfire.


Lesson 2

Whole class experiment and explore using the Edison robots using the mats. Teacher to facilitate learning and instruct where needed. Give students mini challenges using the barcodes. Experiment with creating different mat designs on the floor using tape.


Lesson 3

Students create a rescue mission starting from the Bakers Hill fire station to their home/farm. Design a mat using a map of Bakers Hill.

Create own mat based on their own rescue mission, which must include obstacles and time limit for the rescue. Rescue mission is linked to student narratives and maths outcomes: mapping, time, 2D and 3D shapes, angles, compass directions.


Lesson 4

Students create the mat to scale using black tape on a given size sheet of paper.



Lesson 5

Teacher will give direct instruction of on how to code the robot to follow their route on the mat.


Lesson 6

Students will finish programming of the robot and test their rescue mission.


Lesson 7

Build their robot according to requirements necessary for their rescue mission. E.g. truck and horse float for rescuing horses


Lesson 8

Students present their rescue mission project to class.

Peer evaluation using a rubric.