STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - EDISON ROBOT Year 2-4

Year 2-4

Tool: Edison robots

Theme: Waste/Sustainability

End result: Design a tool that collects and sorts our schoolyard waste.  Sell to local dump (advertisement using iMovie)

Cross curriculum areas: Maths (measurement) (data) Geography, Design & Tech, English (persuasive?) (personal reflection/recount), ICT (iMovie) Creative and Critical Thinking skills



Learning Opportunity

Developmental steps

Problem 1

Investigate various tracks and directions in control mode.

  • Can you use the scanner?
  • Explore different ways it moves
  • Sharing success stories
  • Scanning and using Edison robots
  • Use the map accordingly

Problem 2

Code a pathway for a partner

  • Design a code
  • Record the code
  • Have a peer use their coding
  • Troubleshooting
  • Exploring the edblocks app
  • Record and interpret codes
  • Evaluate successfully

Problem 3

Build a model that works in control mode

  • Weight/balance of model
  • Functionality
  • Control of model
  • The model has to have something that moves (moving part- lego)


Problem 4

Design, build and code a model that can successfully move from one point to another.

  • Designing
  • Testing
  • Critiquing/Evaluating
  • Making improvements


Problem 5

Design and build a collecting tool for your model.

  • Pulleys/mechanisms
  • Designing
  • Testing
  • Evaluating
  • Making improvements


Problem 6

Design, build and code a model that moves to a point, collects something and brings it back

  • Designing/Testing
  • Problem solving/Troubleshooting


Problem 7

Design a tool that collects waste and disposes of it 

  • Justification of categories
  • Design process

Maths (sorting) (data analysis)