STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - EDISON ROBOT Year 3

Middle Primary, Year 3 - Edison Robot 

Lesson 1 
Explore the Edison's, how they work. Learn how to scan etc. 

Lesson 2 
Continue exploring the Edison's, draw a track for Edison to follow, experiment with black lines, blocks, obstacles. 

Lesson 3 
Introduce coding the Edison - edblocks app. (Numerous lessons at this level may be needed). 

Lesson 4 
Problem - getting messages to and from the office without disrupting teacher/student. Build a robot to carry messages to the office. Students map out the route, time the route, measure the route. 

Lesson 5 
Design the robot/carrier/trailer 

Lesson 6 
Code and test the routes 

Lesson 7 
Code and test the routes 

Lesson 8 
Share ideas, presentation, create a YouTube presentation about the process. Film the route etc.