STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - EDISON ROBOT Year 3

Year 3 Digital Technology Lesson

Edison Robots

Target: Clean up Schools Day 2/3/18.

Problem for students: We need more help to clean up the school on clean up schools day. What technology can we use? Guide students toward technology if not brought up.

Solutions: Technology. Show Edison Robots as possibility to solve the problem.

Lesson One

Introduce students to the Edison. Look at all components within the Edison Robot. Think/pair/share what each component could be used for.

Explicit instruction / demonstration for each aspect:

  • All procedures shown on the Edison mat, including barcode reading, torch resource etc.

Lesson Two

Access to iPads.

Introduce students to the website associated with Edison:

Allow students (pairs) to investigate the toolbar / tabs (example: drive, sound etc.).

Open question to students: How do you think we can get the coded information from the iPad to the Edison? 

Show students transfer cable (for iPad to Edison). 

Explicit instruction for students in how to transfer the code from the iPad to the Edison Robot.

Lesson 3

Students choose two steps on the website (drive tab) to make Edison Robot move.

Once transfer has been established they can add more steps and experiment with different modes.

Lesson 4

Open question: Now we know how to make Edison move – how can we use it to help pick up a piece of rubbish?

Have provision of Lego available for student use to engineer a device to pick up rubbish.

Lesson 5

Refine from lesson 4 and test all designs, making sure measurements / scales are made for steps required. Successful ones can then assist those who did not experience success this time – modifications can be made.

Lesson 6

Continuation from lesson 5 – refine and modify for all students to achieve success.

Lesson 7

Test run on whole class designs. Record results to ascertain if solution was found to help with Clean Up Schools Day. Continue modifications if needed. Record activity using Go Pro on an Edison Robot.

Lesson 8

Look at GoPro results. Positive and negatives to using Edison Robots to collect rubbish or have students being accountable. 

What next? Where to now for the Edison Robot? Can they help with something else we need?