STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - EDISON ROBOT Year 4

Year Level: Year 4

Tool:  Edison


Interest - lego compatible


Lesson 1 –




  1. u/s digital technology through the use of an Edison – it uses technology -

See and hear (how do senses work), sense light levels, detect alarms, hears alarms, someone has to program it –

  1. show children the Edison to feel and explore
  2. Show clip on meetedisonrobot – on youtube
  3. Show real life applications through youtube i.e.

automated car – school bus

  1. Start with clip on automated cars – Mercedes, trucks on mine sites, 3d printer, coded dromes
  2. Brainstorm in small groups other applications of the automated objects
  3. Share ideas


Discussion questions


What sort of things would you need on an automated school bus – discussion questions

  • Keep children safe
  • Problems that the school bus might have – kids out of seats, no parent to pick up
  • Other – blind people
  • Who is going to program
  • Security concerns


Put up on the board – children might want to add other questions



Lesson 2 -


  1. Review previous lesson – automated objects – has anyone thought of anything else
  2. Remind what stop/share code is
  3. Play with Edison and Edmat – stop before the first child has finished
  4. Put coding site up on interactive whiteboards – show how to code and connect robot, and how to transfer code. (using hovercam)
  5. Explain fail, fail, fail Learn, fail, fail, fail
  6. Students chose to on computer to code or back to Edmat with Edison
  7. Allow time to explore – 40min ish
  8. Bring back together
  9. Chart and share discoveries – What did that piece of code actually do?
  10. Linking terminology with actions – create glossary




Lesson 3-4

Problem to begin solving


Evaluation tool – problems that get more complex as they go along


You want them to create their own Edmat to follow a path?

Have their own Edison and have a racetrack?

Who can make Edison move around a square track – that is a least 20cm line width?

Over and around obstacles?

Find their way through a maze?


Where do I want my kids to get to here?


Lesson 5 – Presentation


Have students demonstrate where they got to with the final problem – evaluate.