STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - EDISON ROBOT Year 4

Year 4 ICT curriculum

Geography/ history – explorers

Drone – mud maps- birds eye view (maths)

History – Explorers using the edison robot

Problem – Using your knowledge of the world, your explorer use Book Creator and Edison robot to represent the path your explorer travelled and show how their exploration opened up the world.

Activity 1

Safety – ie ensuring that students aren’t filmed – why?

Establish rules for using Edison and ipads


Activity 2 Investigating with ICT (build their knowledge of the explorer)

Research explorer – get Edison robot to represent their explorer.


Activity 3 Investigating with ICT (build of their knowledge of continents)

Map – identify where the explorer came from

            Identify their journeys


Activity 4 Creating with ICT (inputting information into presentation form)

Using text, images, video and audio for presentation.

Using book creator to build and plan ideas.


Activity5  Coding

Getting familiar with the Edison robot using ed block to program


Activity 6 Coding

Programming the Edison to move around the basketball court.


Activity 7 Coding

Adding to Edison so that it represents their explorer



Using Edison to map out the explorers route

Add sound – for ocean, explorers voice, horns,


Activity 9  Student driven presentation of work (multi model)


Show case their work – verbal presentation


                                         Book creator with video input