STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - EDISON ROBOT Year 4

Edison  Year 4

Aim:  Getting the lunch box from the canteen in inclement weather

Maths:  Measurement

  • Map of the school
  • Lego to build a platform the box
  • Will it support the weight of the lunch box
  • Problem solving possible obstacles within mapping exercise

Design and Technology

  • Design and make a Transport vehicle
  • Lego
  • Make /Test/ Critique/Evaluate and Improve as required
  • Develop an IMovie to record the process for possible assembly presentation and to use for assessment


  • Development of related vocabulary/ new terminology
  • Oral presentation/ narration of IMovie


  • Forces and Friction
  • Investigate different tyre materials


  • Transportation vehicles to develop prior knowledge


  • Food Safety
  • Temperature







Activity 1:  Introduction

Give them the Edison robot to explore .

  • What is it? 
  • What can it do?
  • What functions does it have?

Activity 2:  Develop a school map on a smaller scale

  • Measurement – area, distance
  • Scale
  • Landmarks

Activity 3:   Introduce Edblocks program to develop a code to manoeuvre the Edison tool.  

  • What is the language that is specific to coding this tool? 
  • What are students already familiar with?

Activity 4: Design and Make a prototype of the transport vehicle

  • What materials will be ideal to safely transport and maintain safe temperature of food?  (e.g. refrigerated shopping bag, foam esky)

Activity 5: Test drive prototype with weight using the chosen program to move Edison along the smaller scaled school map.

  • How much weight will one Edison support? 
  • Will you need more than one?
  • Evaluate the prototype and make changes as necessary

Activity 6: Design and build the full scale transportable vehicle.

Activity 7:  Test Drive and evaluate the outcome

  • Record using Ipad video or photos

Activity 8:  Critique and assess.  Did the lunch make it back?