STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - EDISON ROBOT Year 4

World explorer Y 4 History


End product: Each group to program their Edison to show the path of a world explorer, showing hazards, dangerous, ports of call


Extension : to discover common ports of call, common routes (how? Possibly transfer routes on plastic sheeting and overlay all of them)


Prior Knowledge : know how to code an Edison



Week 1:

Youtube clip to show sailing voyages of 18th century and the silk road- find an interesting hook eg

First 30 sec of

Questioning who might have used a ship like this and what for



Give each group an explorer

Task : your Edison will track the route of your explorer, showing hazards and ports of call along the way 


Week 2/3 

Research in groups route/ hazards/ ports of call/ cargo/marine funerals/


Week 4

Tranfer route onto big map of the world, so an Edison can follow it, marking all researched topics- discuss navigation and maps then and now



Build your ship on the Edison; think of how to represent cargo/ people



Code your Edison to follow the path with all the hazards etc


Week 8

Show and tell- compare