STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - EDISON ROBOT Year 4

Year 4 - Edison Robots - Theme: Winter Olympics February 2018
TASK: Model or demonstrate a Winter Olympic Sport to share with the class eg curling /bobsled/down
hill skiing etc. by using your Edison robot as a competitor
Extension - Compete in a class Mini Edison Winter Olympics.
Lesson 1:
Show a video clip of Edison robot to engage and motivate students
Getting to know Edison view
In pairs, explore/ become familiar with the robots using Edmat then create your own
Share trouble shooting/ glossary of terms etc
Lesson 2
Research 2018 winter Olympic sports -
Which sports could be modelled with an Edison Robot?
Lesson 3
Getting to know Edison
Explore the Website
Writing simple code
- transfer
- Create a glossary of terms for use
Lesson 4
How can you transfer the capacities of the Edison to the task which sport might you choose?
Lesson 5-7
Design, create, review, test/modify
Lesson 8
Share/showcase your Olympic sport using Edison as the competitor