STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - EDISON ROBOT Year 6/7

Year 6/7 Edisons unit plan


Drop off and pick up of class lunch order.


Lesson 1

  • Introduce Edisons.
  • Sandpit activity/exploration of devices.

Lesson 2

  • Trial teacher directed activities about movement of Edisons along with sub routines and functions. (Example= Make your Edison do a lap around the table in less than 5 commands)

Lesson 3

  • Introduction of task.
  • (No Edisons) Students have free time to brainstorm major issues around the task. Students able to walk route.
  • By end of lesson the students need to have a route and three design features planned. (Example: water proofing)

Lesson 4

  • Continue work from lesson 3 but with Edisons this lesson to test ideas.

Lesson 5

  • Research and discuss different technologies to do with transportation of items.
  • Start designing prototype one, two and three of “lunch order holder”
  • Start testing prototypes

Lesson 6 and 7

  • Test, critique and retesting route and design carrier.

Lesson 8

  • Test final products and reflect on learning.