STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - EDISON ROBOT Year3

Edison Robot


Year 3

Rubbish in the school yard.

Lesson 1: what types of rubbish are in our yard? Where is the most rubbish accumulated? Where are the bins? How many bins? How can we improve the tidiness in our yard?


Lesson 2: physically map the yard (birdseye) with buildings, bins and rubbish. (Maths mapping focus)


Lesson 3: play with Edison Robot and Edmat. What does it do? What can be done with it.


Lesson 4: challenge. How can the Edison Robot be used to combat the rubbish problem in the school yard. Use Edison and Lego to design a way to collect rubbish.


Lessons 5-6: design a path around the school that is most efficient and the least amount of time.


Lesson 7: use tape to make your path and test.


Lesson 8: share your design to class and students provide feedback on ideas.


Other ideas : (term 2)

  • Colonising Mars – how could Edison be used? Design a vehicle that could be used. What it’s  function? Why is it important to use there?