STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - Edison Year 2

STEM Unit – Year 2

Topic:  Transport – Push/Pull

Lesson 1




·     Explore and sort different types of transport and their uses

Lesson 2




·     How does it move?

·     Play with and explore how different transport toys move (eg: push, pull, battery etc)

Lesson 3




·     Investigating friction and gravity on different kinds of transport

Lesson 4




·     Introduce the Edison

·     Experiment with following the black lines


Lesson 5




·     Experiment with using coding to move Edison around a course

Lesson 6




·     Discuss transport problem

·     Problem:  Design an autonomous vehicle that can transport goods from one point to another in  as close to 60 seconds

Lesson 7



·     Design a course for your autonomous vehicle to go on.

Lesson 8

·     Test autonomous vehicles on courses and record closest time to 60 seconds to transport goods.