STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - EDISON Year 3/4


STEM Unit - Year 3 / 4



Pokemon Go


Lesson 1



Go on a physical pokemon hunt. Making sure all students are aware of and understand the game.

Lesson 2



Finding out from the students who have played the game where any known poke stops are.

Lesson 3



Using google earth,, and street directories, students create a map of the Semaphore / Port Adelaide area and record where the poke stops are.


Lesson 4



Introduce Edison robots. Teacher directed instruction around beginning programming then allow students to explore.

Lesson 5



Continue Edison exploration and experiment with A to B type journeys.

Lesson 6



Add Edison to pokemon maps and try to ‘catch’ the pokemon.

Lesson 7



Set challenges such as “How many pokemon can you catch in a minute?”

“How many pokemon can you catch with only 10 moves”, “Can you create a code to catch all the pokemon in one code”.


Lesson 8



Share and evaluate the previous journeys the students had programmed for the Edison robots.


Come up with the most efficient route / simplest code to collect all Pokemon.