STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - Edison Year 6

Edison or Dash and Dot- Year 6

Design and build a travelling rubbish bin

Curriculum Links
Health - contributing to healthy and active communities
Design and Technology -
Science - Physics
Art -
HASS - Geography - recycling, plastics - connections to Asia
Economics - the impact consumer purchasing has on the environment
Literacy - persuasive texts, advertising

Cross curricular priorities

Lesson 1
Collect rubbish from playground after lunch
Classify, weigh, graph
Discuss findings and develop an inquiry question

Lesson 2
Introduce a design challenge to solve the problem

Lesson 3
Human coding activity
Introduce Edison bots and how to program them

Lesson 4
Conduct a survey to identify and map where children sit at recess and lunch times in the playground

Lesson 5
Map a route for the bin to travel

Lessons 6-8
Design and create
Consider aesthetic appeal for consumers
Market to students

Other opportunities for learning
Persuasive writing/advertising
Dietary statistics
Rubbish bin audit to ascertain quantities
Investigate world issues relating to rubbish - recycling, plastics in oceans, plastic bag use in the community